Meet The Team

All our staff at Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club in Madeley, Telford are passionate early years practitioners with more than 60 years combined experience.

Val Price: Proprietor
Nicola Maczka: Nursery Manager
Nichola Wormstone: Nursery Deputy &  Head of Pre- School
Paula Williams: Deputy & After School & Holiday Club Leader
Kathryn Norris: Nursery Practitioner Toddler room
Danielle Brew: Nursery Practitioner Pre-School room
Katie Brisco: Nursery Practitioner Toddler room
Nicola Bladen: Nursery Practitioner Baby room
Amber L’Esteve: Nursery Practitioner Baby room
Danica Price Nursery Practitioner

From time to time we may have students from local schools / colleges, you will be informed of the name of the student and how long they will be with us in the nursery.

Appointed person for Special Educational needs is Nichola Wormstone.

In the corridor of the Nursery and entrance to the kids club building you will find information about our sessions.