Terms and Conditions

Kids 4 Us Nursery at Madeley, Telford Shropshire.

The Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club is open to all children in the community.
 We welcome parents and children from all cultural, ethnic, religious and social groups, with and without disabilities.
To be fair as possible to parents wishing to place a child in our care we operate a waiting list for admissions. We recognise the special circumstances and needs of siblings and  so such we give priority to applications from parents who already have a child attending Kids 4 Us.
Children who attend Nursery will be guaranteed a place in the After School Kids Club if they wish so.

Fees are payable weekly in arrears or monthly in advance.
If fees have not been paid within two weeks of the specified due date then the nursery/Kids Club place will be lost. If parents have special circumstances, which may result in late payment of fees, it is their responsibility to discuss the situation with the Nursery Manager Nicola Maczka or the Proprietor Val Price before the child’s place is lost. Kids 4 Us will consider special circumstances sympathetically but reserve the right to withdraw the child place.
Once a booking has been made the appropriate fee is payable whether the child attends or not.
If a child is picked up after 6pm (Monday to Thursday) or after 5:30pm (Friday) an additional fee of £10.00 (per child) will be charged every 15 minutes and there after.
Should a cheque be re-presented or returned a fee of £5 will be charged to cover Bank charges incurred by Kids 4 Us. This fee will be charged for each re-presentation or return.

Collection from Nursery and After School Kids Club
Parents are asked to inform the nursery / kids club if someone other than yourselves will be collecting your child, please note Kids 4 Us will only release your child/ren to a named person by yourself who is over the age of 16 years old. We will ask for identification or a pass word supplied by the child’s parent/carer. If a person arrives to collect your child without prior notice under no circumstances will we allow your child to leave with them.
We ask that you collect your child on time to avoid causing your child any distress, and to help the staff maintain the daily structures for all children.
In the event that an authorised adult does not collect a child, we will ensure that the child receives a high standard of care in order to cause as little distress as possible.  We inform parents/carers of our procedures so that, if they are unavoidably delayed, they will be reassured that there child/ren will be properly cared for.

Children’s Belongings
We encourage children to take part in all our activities and from time to time this can become a little messy. We ask you to provide children with suitable inexpensive clothing for this purpose.
Out door activities are part of our every day routine so clothing appropriate for season will be necessary.
We cannot take responsibility for loss of or damage to your child’s property or clothes.
If your child has a special comforter they are welcome to bring it.

Kids 4 Us carry a comprehensive insurance policy, with full public liability cover.

You will be required to fill in a registration form before your child starts at our nursery/kids club. Information including dietary, medical requirements and any additional contacts must be recorded.

Prescribed Medicine by a GP
Should any child attending either Kids 4 Us Nursery or Kids Club need to take any prescribed medicines, a ‘administration of medication consent form’ specifying dosage, frequency and name and address of prescribing Doctor must be completed.

An ‘administration of medication consent form’ will be completed for each prescription and kept in the child’s individual records folder so as to be completely confidential.

The administration of medication consent form is to be signed by the parent’s/carers giving their permission to administer the medication named on the form and retained in the Nursery.

Non-Prescribed Medication
Kids 4 Us Nursery and Kids Club will not administer medication-containing aspirin to any child, unless it has been prescribed by a GP or other health professional.

Non-prescription medication e.g. pain and fever relief or teething gel may be administered, by only with the prior written consent of the parent/carer and only when there is a health reason to do so. Parents/carers will be asked to complete an ‘administration of medication consent form' and sign it.

If Your Child Becomes Unwell
You will naturally keep your child at home if he/she are unwell, however, sometimes
children become unwell during the day and should this happen, you will be contacted at
one of the contact numbers on the registration form. Please let us know immediately
should your doctor confirm an infectious ailment.

If Your Child Has An Accident
Unfortunately even with the most stringent safety procedures children have accidents.
If your child has an accident at our setting, we will record it in our accident book and
staff will inform you. Likewise, if your child has had an accident at home, we would ask
that either tell us or inform us by letter.

If your child has a serious accident needing urgent medical attention, we will inform you
immediately, and take your child to hospital.

Please make sure we are aware of any changes to home or emergency contact numbers.

In the event that you want to cancel your child’s place at Kids 4 Us we ask that you:
• If your fees are paid weekly we would ask that you give 1 weeks notice in writing.
• If your fees are paid monthly we would ask that you give 1 months notice in writing.
All sessions that you have booked and for which you have been invoiced will be payable.

Mobile Telephone Usage
We intend to create in our Nursery and After School Club an environment in which children and staff are safe.  At Kids 4 us we take necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of the children.

In today’s society mobile telephone technology is extremely advanced with the development of camera phones and video messaging.  It is vitally important that staff, parents, children and visitors to the nursery and Out-of-School Club are aware of the settings stance on mobile telephone and photography usage.
• In the event that a child brings and is seen with a mobile telephone then they will be asked to leave it in the nursery office; this will be kept in the nursery safe until departure time.

Social Networking Sites
Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club has a high reputation to upkeep and comments made on such sites such as ‘Face Book’ could have an impact on how parents using the nursery view the Nursery and Staff.

Sporting Events and Celebrations
In the interest of safeguarding children, staff and parents could we remind all persons that under no circumstances should photographs or video clips be used or posted on social networking sites such as ‘Face Book’ that have been taken on or in the nursery/kids club or premises . This includes photographs of events such as sports days, parties, Christmas Concerts/nativity and sponsored events etc.

Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club aims to take the necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club operate a No Smoking policy in or around the premises in line with Government Legislation.

During the application process all candidates are made aware that Kids 4 Us Nursery and After School Kids Club operate a No Smoking policy.

No Smoking signs are displayed on all exit/entry doors into the building in line with Government Legislation.