Welcome our Toddler and Pre-School rooms. Allow your child to flourish at Kids 4 Us Nursery and Pre-school in Madeley Telford; providing a caring environment for children since 1995 and supporting families, carers and their children through the provision of quality childcare.

From approximately 2 years onwards the children will leave the baby room and will be involved with the Toddler’s and a term after their 3rd birthday they will join the Pre-School group. Toddler and Pre-School sessions take place in the nursery building. We continue with a play based curriculum working from EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage framework – with our Toddler and Pre-School children.

Carefully planned activities are monitored so that every child’s individual learning plan is provided for. Planning ensures a balance of child initiated including free-flow (inside and outside) and adult led activities.

Our Toddler and Pre-School routine provides structure to the day; however we are flexible to accommodate children’s interests and needs i.e extended rest times and outside play times.

It is essential to us that every child feels valued and grows in confidence. We place great significance on staff interaction, actively playing, loving and listening to the children.

In the Toddler and Pre-School rooms we offer resources for children to develop skills in all areas such as : creativity, music, construction and ict.

What do we mean by:

Small group or focus group times are an adult led activity to encourage and support a particular aspect of learning based on the children’s interests and stages of development. During this the adult may introduce a particular skill or idea.

Child Initiated
During child initiated play children chose from a variety of resources and decide what to do with them. Activities grow from children’s personal interests as they are encouraged to explore and investigate using all their senses. Adults support children’s independence and tune in to children’s thinking.

Children will be able to choose whether they would like to be inside or outside during Child Initiated they will be able to free-flow.

Session Times
Our Pre-school sessions take place in the Nursery setting however when our nursery provision is over subscribed the sessions will take place in the Kids Club building.

We offer 30 hours as well as 15 hours a week, funded by the government.
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We operate our sessions from 9.00am - 12.00pm and 12.00pm - 3pm Monday to Friday. 

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